Suave and Plush Staging - Feel at Home

What is Home Staging?

Home Staging is an effective sales technique that integrates decorating with marketing and creates an experience for home buyers.

Is Home Staging expensive?

Home staging costs are quite reasonable when compared with other costs associated with the sale of your home. Experts estimate that home staging has the potential to add an extra 10 to 15 percent to a property’s sale price so it should be seen as an investment in the sale of your property.

Why is Home Staging necessary?

First impressions of a home are made within 7 seconds, so your home needs to stand out from the crowd.

How long does it take to stage my property?

Most home stagings take between one and two days to complete so the process is fairly quick. This depends on your property’s size and number of rooms to be furnished.

Do I need to be at the property while you are working?

You do not have to be around for the staging process if you don’t want to. We only require that you or your authorised real estate agent to be present for the initial consultation.